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High-quality vacuum formed parts for countless applications

HiTherma uses thermoforming or vacuum forming for customer-specific vacuum formed parts and assemblies in countless industries such as automotive, medical technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and equipment construction, sanitary facilities and for food distribution systems. What all the products have in common: top quality, precision and economy.

Covers and protective hoods

For vacuum formed parts of housings and covers for the device chassis, safe functionality, easy handling and attractive design are essential. Our thermoformed enclosures and covers therefore take into account not only functional but also aesthetic aspects. In the area of covers and protective hoods, we manufacture individual side panels for electrical switch cabinets, highly transparent protective hoods made of PMMA (acrylic glass) and side panels with closing mandrels.

Workpiece carriers

Vacuum formed parts are ideally suited for use as workpiece carriers in automated production processes, e.g. in the automotive sector and in medical technology. The high-precision design of the workpiece carriers enables robotic handling and seamless production. For Euro standard dimensions, we have all the necessary mother tools at our disposal. So only your customer-specific tool inserts have to be installed. A considerable cost benefit for you.

Solutions for medical technology

In medical technology, plastic products produced by thermoforming are used in a variety of applications for complex and large-scale medical and laboratory equipment, for example in the field of eye surgery, blood analysis equipment, nitrogen analysis systems.

Food distribution systems

Our customer-specific food distribution systems are active thermal storage systems with integrated heating technology according to the specifications of our customers, as well as inactive food distribution systems. In addition to excellent insulation, they offer practical features such as an integrated slosh guard and an all-round handle edge.

Would you like to know more about our product range, our services and the areas of application of thermoforming for your specific requirements? Simply contact us directly – by telephone or email.

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