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Thermoforming (vacuum forming) in any shape and quantity

When thermoforming plastics, also known as deep drawing or vacuum forming, thermoplastics are first heated and then drawn into a mould using a vacuum. In the case of positively drawn parts, the side facing away from the tool forms the visible side and the inner side is dimensionally defined. In negatively drawn parts, the tool side forms the visible side and the outer side is dimensionally defined.

At HiTherma, we manufacture a wide range of products through vacuum forming for a wide variety of industries as well as various areas of application.

Manufacture of high-quality plastic parts, e.g. for


Medical technology

Electrical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Equipment construction

After cooling, the material retains its given shape, is demoulded and can be further processed, for example with one of our high-precision CNC milling machines. Blanks and other waste are processed into regrind and can be reused for new semi-finished products.

Would you like to learn more about thermoforming? Simply speak to us directly about it.

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