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Your expert for thermoforming and plastic technology

Competence, experience and top quality for automotive, medical technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, equipment construction.

Comprehensive range of services

Individual moulded parts in vacuum thermoforming process

From prototype to batch of with over 10,000 pieces

3D printer for layout creation and functional testing prior to tool construction

Various processes for the post-processing of parts from painting to chrome plating

On-schedule delivery thanks to extensive storage and logistics capacities

Top quality

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified

State-of-the-art testing and 3D measuring technology

FaroArm® coordinate measuring machine

Compliance with the most demanding industry standards

In-depth expertise

Consulting & support for product development, material selection and production processes

Complex processing in the 3K process

Ultra-precision solutions for automated production processes

Comprehensive expert knowledge in the use of various plastics and material combinations

Modern machinery

Redundant machinery

Max. production size 1,460 x 960 mm

Vertical depth up to 660 mm

5-axis milling centres for post-processing

HiTherma range of services

Plastic parts made to measure from design to custom post-processing

Latest news

Areas of application

Covers and protective hoods

Front, side and interior panelling, connecting elements, etc.

Workpiece carriers

for electronic components, load carriers for internal transport and in the use of fully automated high-precision production systems.

Solutions for medical technology manufacturers

Complex enclosures for medical equipment, as well as disinfection trays.

Food distribution systems

Dimensionally stable, active heat retention systems with built-in heating technology.

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