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Vacuum deep-drawn parts for housings and cladding

When it comes to vacuum formed parts of housings and cladding for the device chassis, it is not only safe functionality and easy handling, but also attractive designs that are essential. In the development and construction of thermoformed housings and cladding, functional and aesthetic aspects are therefore always taken into account in addition to their specific design specifications.

Some examples of our vacuum formed parts for housings and cladding:

Front cover made of dyed ABS material

RAL colour according to customer requirements

Drawing back individual filigree recesses with subsequent free milling

Side cover for electrical switch cabinet

Made of flame-retardant PS material

1 mm initial material thickness and very thin residual wall thickness

Highly transparent protective hood made of PMMA (acrylic glass)

Cover the panel with thermoformable protective film made of flame retardant PS material to protect against inclusions, scratches and dust during transport and installation

Removal of the protective film only after installation at the customer’s premises

Side cladding with locking pins

Simple and quick installation with the aid of locking pins

Absolutely safety in terms of transport and handling when attaching the side panels

Partial varnishing

Accordion cover

Housing as treble cover of an accordion

Precise machining of the individual cut-outs due to 5-axis machining centre (surface area 2000 x 1000 mm)

Vakuumformteil - Ausgabefront
Vakuumformteil - Abluftkanal
Vakuumformteil - Seitenverkleidung mit Schließdornen

Would you like to find out more about our range of products and the possible applications of thermoforming for enclosures and coverings? Just give us a call or send us an email.

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