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Thermoforming: Plastic products for food distribution systems

Our insulation systems for the distribution and transport of food ensure that cold stays cold and hot stays hot – without the need for additional energy. These food distribution systems are manufactured by thermoforming.

Need a food distribution system? We manufacture according to your wishes or produce standard goods

We design and manufacture heat retention systems according to your specifications, but also develop standard products for industry and trade. In addition to excellent insulation, our food distribution systems also offer a number of practical features: For example, an integrated slosh guard that keeps soup in the cup during transport. A circumferential handle edge makes it possible to remove the upper part of the insulating harness very conveniently.

All HiTherma warming systems and food distribution systems are vacuum formed parts of precise shape, dishwasher-safe and stackable to save space.

Stapelbare Speisenverteilsysteme

HiTherma services for food distribution systems:

Speisenverteilsystem: Tablett

Thermoforming (vacuum deep drawing)

PUR foams


Finishing (varnishing, screen printing etc.)

Would you like to know more about our product range and the application possibilities of thermoforming for insulation systems and food distribution systems? Simply contact us directly – by phone or email.

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