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Vacuum formed parts for medical technology

In medical technology, plastic products produced by thermoforming are used in a variety of different applications.

Some examples of our vacuum formed parts for medical technology:

Built-in connector for orbital shakers

ABS material dyed or varnished according to customer requirements

All connecting elements built into the vacuum moulded part

Production with inexpensive aluminium tools

End lamps for surgical lights

Made from PMMA (acrylic glass)

Excellent optical properties and transparency

Excellent UV transmittance and resistance

Scratch-resistant coating applied after deep drawing (thermoforming) prevents scratching of the glass and ensures permanent optical quality

Exhaust air duct made of PVC for cleaning SOLAR wafers

Suction of all vapours generated during the cleaning process

High chemical resistance

Disinfection troughs

For surgical instrument disinfection and for the application of disinfectants in all areas of hospitals, doctors’ and dental practices as well as in laboratories

Large cover hood

Made of PET-G

Transparent with structure

Would you like to know more about our range of products and the possible applications of thermoforming in medical technology? Just contact us – by phone or email.

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