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Complex assemblies and systems ready assembled

It doesn't matter whether you need individual thermoformed components, assemblies or systems consisting of several components. We take care of this for you according to your specifications.

We develop, document and thermoform components and products in large and small series. That way, you only ever have one central contact person for your project, we can take care of any additional suppliers if required, e.g. for specific post-processing procedures.

In addition, we also assemble complex complete systems and assemblies from different components and with different processes on request:

Bonding and welding

Screwing and riveting

Mounting reinforcing and fastening fixtures, closing mandrels, threaded inserts or hinges

Through specific assembly/joining techniques on the vacuum deep-drawn part, even non-deep-drawable geometries can be realised. All plastic components, assemblies and systems are of course delivered to you on time, including those marked as “just-in-time”.

Would you like to learn more about the development, production and installation of complete assemblies and systems? Simply get in touch with us.

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