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New General Terms of Sale

Please note our new General Terms and Conditions of Sale dated 23. 03. 2021 under the link “General Terms and Conditions of Sale. ”

3D printer

Image source: by the courtesy of Stratasys GmbH, Airport Boulevard B 120, 77836 Rheinmünster/Germany Stratasys F270 Professional 3D printer for prototyping FDM Technology  

FARO measuring arm

Edge 2.7 m, 7 axles Measuring range radius 1.75 m (corresponds to a maximum measuring range of 3.5 m) 3D scanner The measuring arm is mobile and can be used directly on site at or in the production machine. Image…

New machine T10 in operation

The new machine enables fast commissioning, high precision and thus top product quality, increased process reliability and an increase in productivity of up to 50%.

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